Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mack [Senior | Highbanks Metro Park, Westerville]

The morning of Mack's senior portraits, it was foggy. Realllyyyy foggy. I thought it would clear up as the morning continued, but when we wrapped up over an hour later, the fog was just as dense as ever. BUT, I ended up absolutely loving the way the fog cascaded through the background! The fog acted as a natural reflector and made it feel like we were in some kind of story book or fairy tale. I may have to bring along a fog machine for my next shoot! OK, not really, but I did end up really happy with the ethereal look of these images. And Mack was absolutely awesome. He took to poses naturally, was fun to talk to, and even carried my stepstool around for me. What a gentleman! He's graduating from Worthington Kilbourne High School this coming year and has plans to become a detective. Go get 'em, Mack! Thanks for an awesome session!

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