Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Raenell + Jon | Engaged

A Romantic Spring Evening at Franklin Park Conservatory & Bicentennial Park

Jon & Raenell confirmed once and for all that I really do have the greatest couples!!! These two are absolutely incredible- classic, confident, and comfortable with themselves and with each other. Despite their initial protests to the contrary, both of them are complete naturals in front of the camera and made their entire session a breeze. Raenell has the most gorgeous smile, and she trusts Jon completely! It was a little on the chilly side, so between shots he would bring her coat and wrap her up so she could get warm. Jon and Raenell capture perfectly the essence of what I love to photograph most... those in between moments, the lingering moments that embody true love and deserve to be captured and preserved forever. They hold on to each other just a moment longer, linger in soft kisses for as long as possible, and when they lean their foreheads together appear to be perfectly at peace.

Between the golden sunset, beautiful blooms, and dreamy romantic moments, Raenell and Jon's engagement session this past Sunday was an enchanted fairytale in the making. I'm so excited for their December wedding and can't wait to tell their timeless winter wonderland story! For now, enjoy these favorites from their romantic spring engagement.

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